Meeting No. 84

7:30 - 9:30


5th December, 2018
The Greatest Show !

Our club's annual contest session is on and we are having our first evaluation and table topics contest.

Don't miss out the fun !






Young Angels

We are having a joint meeting on the 22nd of December with Angels Toastmasters and when Young Adult Toastmasters join Angels Toastmasters, we get Young Angels, like the lovely cupids so cute and dreamy.

Attire: Formal.

Props / Accessories: If you have Halo ring or wings, depending on your attire. Kindly limit yourself to formal ware if possible with accessories as needed. 


Together, We Rise !

This is the first ever joint meeting with Angels Toastmasters and we are very excited about it. This will be a great learning opportunity to observe veteran toastmasters who have accomplished miles and miles of achievements throughout their toastmasters journey. Hence, we join forces together to rise together as one community, experienced and young bloods.

Attire: Formal.

Props / Accessories: None

When in doubt on what to wear, google is your best friend.


If that doesn't help, please contact our VPE TM Maram on whatsapp who loves to help with costume ideas!

Got some Theme Ideas?

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